Saturday, January 23, 2010

Would you like fries with that?

Granted, the weather in California is beautiful and I have loved living here in LA with it's abundance of sunshine, warm breezes and palm trees, but this week it has rained and rained and rained non-stop. I feel a little spoiled when I get annoyed by rain now, but I have to go off a little bit and vent my frustration over the fact that there are FOUR, count them, FOUR Chase Bank branches within a 2 mile radius of my house BUT not a single one has a drive-thru window! Yes, the weather is conducive to walking the 20 feet into the building of the local bank but lately it has not been, and as anyone who knows LA traffic and parking, you can never find a place to temporarily park your car so you can make the 5 minute errand into the bank. And no, I would not like to park my car valet to deposit my check. Any money I have I don't want to unnecessarily give it away before I even make it into the bank. With that said, I've loved wearing flip-flops in January, rolling down my windows the windows the week before Christmas and wearing a t-shirt when I go on walks. Okay. I'm done.

P.S. I'm waiting to get my camera back from my parents house (I left it there over X-MAS break) and I haven't wanted to post anything because I wanted to give visuals. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for a top 10 list of things that have happened with the Smith family since, say about October.