Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm Lovin' Watchin' The Stars

So, I have to say that I love watching Melissa from The Bachelor shake her stuff in her ex-fiance Jason's face on Dancing with the Stars.  She is my favorite to watch right there with Shawn Johnson and I also really enjoy watching Julianne Huff and her country singer boyfriend dance! They are super cute together. 

My least favorite?  Steve Wazniak, of course, and Holly (a.k.a. Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend), although I have to say she is getting a little bit better each week.

Oh, and I can't forget to mention how much in love I am with Giles and his Argentine Tango.  All I have to say is YOWZA!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hocking Hills State Park

Since our anniversary this year happened to fall in the week before finals, we decided to celebrate our 5 years together after finals were over.  We trade off who's in charge of planning every year and this years it was my turn so I decided to surprise Michael and drive him out to Hocking Hills State Park here in Ohio to rent a cute little cabin and go hiking through the park.  

We had such a great time relaxing, reading, and taking much-deserved naps and we even had a chance to fit in a great dinner at Cedar Inn and Restaurant.  It was a cute little old log cabin made into a restaurant and the food was pretty good.

The next day on our hike we walked about 4 miles along some beautiful rocky trails to see a few caves
 and waterfalls. 

Overall, we had a wonderful time and we wish we would have stayed another day because it was so beautiful and relaxing!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

YEAH! Spring BREAK!!

Well, I officially start my Spring Break tomorrow. And needless to say I am super duper excited! The only negative of Spring Break is that at the end of it Michael leaves me for Mexico City for two months. :( But atleast that means that when he returns I will be a gradute of the University of Cincinnati, hence my countdown timer for graduation located along the righthand side of my blog.

So, pray that we get good weather in Cinci for spring break for me and don't forget to vote on what I should do! :) P.S. Did I mention I am super excited?!?!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What the ZOO!!

I woke up Thursday morning to a strange noise and after quickly deciding that it must have been a bird outside our window, putting the pillow over my head and falling back to sleep I was awoken again by a loud crashing noise!! I figured my two crazy cats were down stairs chasing each other around the living room and had knocked over a plate I had left on the ottoman and I decided to go ahead and get up. While walking down the stairs I heard the strange screeching noise and again but REALLY loud this time. I stopped on the stairs and the noise also stopped. I called up to Mike who was still in bed because I was afraid an animal had gotten caught in our air conditioning vent or something and he got up and came down stairs. That's when I realized my two cats were staring at something that was under the TV cabinet. My first reaction was "Oh, no! Is there a mouse in our house?" but no, what was staring back at me when I got down on my hands and knees was a SQUIRREL!! Well, Michael came downstairs and we coxed it out a nearby window with a box and a broom and we were flustered all day about how it had gotten into the house.

Well, later that day when I got home from school I walked into the house and saw this...
My cats playing with a snake on the dining room floor!! As surprising as this is, it isn't exactly something new in our home as our little cat Fitz, the one closest to the snake, has been know the bring in snakes in when we leave the windows open. I call her my little jungle cat because she brought two in our house last years, but it is still surprising to see a snake on the floor when you walk into the house! I picked it up and took it back outside. After thinking about what a crazy day of zoo-like proportions I had had we now cut to later that night...

I was sitting on the computer in front of the TV and I hear a strange rustling noise. My first instinct is to look around and see which one of the cats is off in the next room playing with a ball of paper or something but then I become aware of the fact that my two cats are snuggled up to me on the couch! I then proceed to put down the computer and tip-toe to the source of the rustling, which was coming from the kitchen and I was faced with the funniest shock of my life!! I round the corner to the kitchen and to my surprise there is a SQUIRREL sitting on my toaster eating a cookie from the nearby box!!! I was so shocked and humored by the scene that was before my ears that I started laughing because it was so funny and hopping up and down at the same time because there was a squirrel in my house!! That's when it went back to where it came from, and where the first squirrel this morning must have come from, maybe the same squirrel twice?!?! It, or they, had chewed through a framed molding around an outlet that is on the old chimney that we are currently repairing with drywall. It ran back up through its secret hole, and I stuffed a rag in the hole to keep it from coming back until we can get it fixed. This was definitely the craziest animal zoo-like day of my life, HANDS DOWN!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Five Years and Happily Counting!!

Michael and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary today! Who knew 5 years could pass by so quickly!! Happy Anniversary, BABY!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday!

It seems that for Barbie’s 50th birthday she was given a midlife crisis which resulted in a tattooing kit. Way to go Mattel, we now have a tattooed, anorexic blonde as a role-model for the coming generation of youngsters and tweens! And might I add that the tattoo of Ken's name on the lower back is so tasteful! And If the single tattoo weren't enough you could always buy for your daughter the Hard Rock Cafe Limited Edition Barbie. She comes with a belly button ring as well! Maybe you should have bought a new evening gown or gotten your job back as an airline stewardess. Those were the good ol' days. Happy Birthday, BARBIE

Monday, March 2, 2009