Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bicycle, Bicycle (I want to ride my Bicycle...)

I am really excited that for my upcoming birthday, Michael wants to purchase a bike for me! I have been kinda obsessed with bicycles for the past few months and I've been looking around at a few options. I love, love, love the beach cruiser type bikes like these from
Aren't they awesome! Unfortunately, these versions cost much more than Michael or I are willing to spend on a bike so I believe we may be searching for a great Schwinn version on Craigslist for the next couple of weeks. Wish me luck that I can find a great bicycle to ride around West LA.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Michael and I are very excited about our upcoming move in a couple of weeks into the UCLA Grad Student Housing, otherwise known as "the village." After living in a studio for the past year with IKEA furniture, I am beyond thrilled to upgrade to a 2 bedroom - 1 bathroom! I have so many plans for all the extra space we are going to have!
I absolutely LOVE design shows and design blogs and I'm glad I'll get to decorate a bit again (because, c'mon, there is no way to decorate a studio without it looking too cluttered.) With the help of some great blogs such as, I now have some great inspiration for a very relaxing apartment decorated with cool and bright colors. The following are some of my favorite looks.

I just love the "organized clutter of the next picture! I looks like the perfect place to sit and read a book, and if my studio had this much charm I wouldn't want a 2 bedroom, but alas, it does not.

I love the "beachside meets urban-oasis" look with dark woods, bright colors and metals mixed in, and I'm even contemplating painting a few walls in the apartment a cool gray color such as this... What do you think? Yea, or nay? By the way, did I mention how excited I am to add some color to bare white walls, again! I've been living in a white box for far too long. :)