Thursday, March 19, 2009

YEAH! Spring BREAK!!

Well, I officially start my Spring Break tomorrow. And needless to say I am super duper excited! The only negative of Spring Break is that at the end of it Michael leaves me for Mexico City for two months. :( But atleast that means that when he returns I will be a gradute of the University of Cincinnati, hence my countdown timer for graduation located along the righthand side of my blog.

So, pray that we get good weather in Cinci for spring break for me and don't forget to vote on what I should do! :) P.S. Did I mention I am super excited?!?!


the duffsters said...

Hope you have a fun Spring Break and get to relax a little. I love the springy picture you posted, it reminds me of Wizard of Oz for some reason....when all the little munchkins come out... lol

Michaela said...