Thursday, June 12, 2008

Song of the Cicada

Here in Cincinnati we have been 'bugged' by the beady-eyed Cicadas that made their appearance a couple of weeks ago. These little pests have been annoying me not only because they fly around me every time I walk outside, but because Fitzgerald, our feisty little she-devil of a cat, keeps bringing them inside to play with. Yes, the bugs are much better than last summer when she brought 2 snakes into my home, one I found in the corner of the foyer after seeing her playing with something and the other which came slithering down the stairs moments after in was brought in, but the cicadas annoy me none the less.

Well, today while driving home from work I was stuck in traffic. I rolled down my window because it has been pretty warm out and I thought a nice breeze would do me good, but I was surprised and quickly annoyed by the constant and very loud 'chirping' I heard all around the interstate, then I noticed all of the nasty little bugs along the side of the road, then I saw tons of them flying around the cars. If no one has ever seen these things, they are pretty gross, about an inch long with big red eyes and black wings. I quickly rolled up my windows hoping none of them had made it into my car. As I began driving again, I noticed that hundreds seem to think my car was a giant bulls eye and I couldn't help but hit tons of the little buggers! Washing my car tomorrow will not be very fun, and luckily we will not be in Ohio when the next wave of Cicadas pop out of the ground, most likely in the year 2017.


Misty said...

Yep. Yuck! These little guys are not very pretty. I remember when I was growing up, my brother and I used to play with them....ew.

LW said...

Gross! That's the nice thing about cockroaches and no cicadas. Other than that, Ohio sounds awesome. It looks like you guys are always doing something fun!