Saturday, July 26, 2008

Columbus, Ohio July 25-26

Michael and I decided on Thursday night to take a trip and after about 3 hours of throwing out ideas, we decided to go to Columbus. We booked our hotel on Hotwire at about midnight and left Friday morning.
First we went to Ohio State University so Michael could check out the campus and then we went to the Wexner Center Museum. Afterwards, we checked into our hotel which was downtown and decided to go the historic German Village for dinner at Lindie's where I had the best stake ever! It was such an adorable part of town with cobble stone roads and sidewalks and brick houses that date back to the 19th century. We then went to a an amazing little dessert shop called Pastacia Vera where I had a Chocolate Bombe and Michael had a macaroon. Before we left he had gone back for two more because the were so delicious!

Saturday we went to North Market and had some of the best ice cream ever! They had such great flavors that I would have never thought of eating such as Grapefruit Hibiscus, Mango Lasi, and Michael's favorite - Thai Chili, but I wasn't too fond of that flavor!
Next we went to the Cosi Museum. It was actually more for children, but we had a lot of fun anyway. One of the exhibits was called Progress and it had a replica block of a 1950's town. Michael was 'served ice cream' by a 7 year old girl! It was really cute and I pumped gas into my VW Beetle at the local Sinclair for only 49 cents a gallon.

Afterward, we went to the Jazz and Ribs festival on the Scioto River. It was so finger-licking good!! We had some of the best ribs, corn on the cob, blooming potatoes, and funnel cake.
All in all, we had a lot of fun and never would have imagined Columbus, Ohio to be such a great place to visit!! Now, if you will, wish me luck on my diet. I ate enough food this weekend for 4 people!


Jennie said...

I never would have thought Columbus to be fun either! Especially since those awful buckeyes are there!! What a great idea to just take off. I am so jealous! When do I get to see you again?

Misty said...

I'm so glad you got to see things where I grew up! Can you imagine a little me running around COSI when I was 7 years old? And German village??? Very cool place. I'm so glad you found it. I've never done the jazz and ribs fest but, sounds like fun. Columbus is a good town.

Harris Family said...

How fun! That is so great that you just up and decided to go somewhere I would love to be able to just do that! Looks like a fun trip! We have a couple of friends who live in Columbus and love it we'll have to go visit them someday and check out the fun places you visited!

Aubree said...

yall are so cute!! loves! miss ya!