Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Europe and Back...

So, It's been few weeks since we have been back from our long-awaited trip to Europe and with so much to do to get the house ready to sell, I haven't had much time to post, but I just couldn't put it off any longer.  We went to Germany, Austria and Italy for a couple of reasons; to visit my parents who have been serving a mission for our church for the past year as well as a graduation trip for Michael and me.  We went to so many places so fast, I don't think I can really  cover everything in less that 3000 words, so I will just post the pictures and let them speak for themselves.  Some captions will be provided for further explanation.  I hope you enjoy!  
One of the many, many castles we saw along the Rhine River in Germany.  We saw at least 12 of them! They were so beautiful, even the ones that were in ruins.
Michael and me at one of the castles in Germany.  You can also see another castle behind us through the huge doorway.
Michael and me in Munich, Germany
Me and Tish! (Michael's twin-sister, who we went to Europe with.)
All four of us, excluding my parents, at the top of the pathway to the Neuschuwanstein Castle in Bavaria.  Tish, Trevor, Me and Michael.
The Hohenschuwangau Castle
Innsbruck, Austria.  Absolutely Beautiful!
Michael waiting at the train Station.  I think in total we took nine trains!!
Michael and me in the Piazza de San Marco, Venice, Italy
The Cinque Terre region of Italy.  We stayed in Vernazza and I think this was my favorite part of the entire trip.  It was amazing!
Along our four hour hike through the Cinque Terre.  Michael and I ended up seeing all five towns.  They were adorable!!  You can kind of see one behind us...
Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

After a long walk across Florence and up multiple stairs we were rewarded with this amazing view of the city!
Michael sitting down in the middle of the Piazza sketching.  Classic.

One of the beautiful Florentine Piazzi.

The Ponte Vecchio in Florence.
The Colloseo. 
Rome, Italy
Michael and the Roman Forum
The Pantheon
The Sistine Chapel at the Vatican City.  If you look closely, you can see Adam and God in the painting.  Fabulous!
One of the ruins found in Rome.  Yes, it's a foot.
The Trevi Fountain.  This was our very last night.  :( But what an amazing experience!!!


Ryann said...

Jealous! Now back to the grind!

Reid, Megan and Jackson said...

Love the pics! When is the big move?

MB said...

I love it! I've seen these on facebook but, I can't get enough of them! The Sistine chapel?! How awesome!

Melissa and Louis said...

sound like a fun trip.

Melanie said...

Hey Mike.. It's Melanie Mann (Reid's little Sis).. Heard you are headed out west. We live on Camp Pendelton between the O.C. and S.D... Let us know when you get out this way.

Becky said...

Those pics are way cute! and I like your new background, you just changed it on me :)