Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cross Country

Well, Michael leaves today for Utah. He will be taking his car the 24 hour drive to make it in time for his 10-year High School reunion and wow, did I have a fun time packing it up for him. It only took me four hours, a major headach and a messy house to pack his car full of everything we won't be needing until we move to California.

He's going to leave his car at his mom's in Utah and then fly back to Cincinnati so that he can turn around and make the 36 hour drive with me to California in a about three weeks.

So, he'll be gone for a few days enjoying himself and performing his stand-up routine at his reunion (yes, Michael if you didn't know performs stand-comedy a little on the side) and I'll have the lovely task of cleaning out the garage and getting our home ready for an open house on Sunday. I guess him driving roughly 6o hours back and forth across the country makes me feel less abandoned. :)

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