Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's show time...

One perk of living in Los Angeles is having the ability to be part of the show taping process and being within a few miles of all the major tv broadcasting channels such as NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, you name it, I've had some really fun experiences. Tickets are actually pretty easy to come by if you want to sit through a taping of Doctor Phil or Disney's Sonny with a Chance, but neither of these interest me. I'm still waiting for my tickets to the Ellen Degeneres show and American Idol, which have huge wait lists for both! Think at least 9 month!!

So you can see how excited I was to find out last minute that I got tickets to "Dancing with the Stars for tonight's results show! I can't wait. Unfortunately, no one who lives around me in LA can make it, only *those who live in other cities wish they could be here. So, this means that I will be attending a taping of DWTS all by my lonesome. Luckily I found out that the LA library branch just a couple of blocks away from where the tv studio is (and did I mention a couple of blocks from where I work) happens to finally have the novel **CATCHING FIRE in for me to pick up. So, at least I have a great book to read while standing in line by myself.

So, keep an eye out for me on the results show tonight of DWTS. I'm giddy about seeing my BF Evan Lysacek... and I'm intrigued to see exactly what the bachelor, Jake Pavelka, saw in Vienna... Blah!

And a side note. You'll have to look for me as well on the episode of America's Got Talent in June when they came to Los Angeles. I actually went to the show taping back in the beginning of March but they don't premiere the show until June. THAT was a really fun show to attend and I can't wait to get some more show tickets in the future for some more amazing shows. :)

*I'm thinking of Dee Ann, Kimberly, Heather and of course you Grandma!!
** CATCHING FIRE is the sequel to the amazing novel THE HUNGER GAMES. If you haven't read it yet you're missing out!! It's truly a wonderful book.


the duffsters said...
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the duffsters said...

I bet your are there right now as I write this... SOO JEALOUS! But Just knowing there is an extra ticket NOT being used makes me mad... haha. Dang it! And I LOVE Hunger Games. I bought Catching Fire but haven't had time to start it, maybe I will tonight. Anyways, I will be looking for you on the show... have fun girl!
ps. i just looked on Ellen's site and there are tix available for May 6th show. Hurry and register if u can... I went a couple years ago and sat front row behind Portia (she was visiting that show)... it was so fun!

Amy said...

how fun! scott is reading hunger games, i am going to read it next, we hear it is awesome.