Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sewing Sensation

For my birthday last year Michael went with me to pick out my present from Target, a brand new Brother Sewing Machine. I had never really sewed in the past other than in 7th grade Home Ec when I made a pillow, or the very few times my mother tried to teach me, but I have recently developed a lot of interest in learning how to sew.

I have to say that now that I have the hang of it, I absolutely love it! I really enjoy making baby blankets, and since there are about 1-2 babies born in my ward each month (yes, each MONTH) I've kept myself pretty busy, and I hope to get pictures on here of some of the blankets I have made in the past.

I was inspired by my friend Tiffani, and ideally what I wanted to do was work on a project each week, not only sewing but all sorts of projects, and post about them on my blog. Unfortunately my computer is not happy with my crafty ambitions and no longer lets me upload pictures unless I copy from a CD. This means that I have to take a trip to CVS, but I am able to make it there only every so often. I wish I didn't have close to 800 pictures waiting to be put on CD!

Anyway, here is one of my first attempts using a pattern and it was very frustrated but I love making purses now. If anyone is interested this is Simplicity Pattern #2685.

Work in Progress
Finished Project
In all the purse took me about 5-6 hours and only cost me $8.00 thanks to some really great coupons from Joann Fabrics. I have to say that my first attempt at sewing was a success even though it had it's many frustrating moments.


Ryann said...

I like the fabric you chose, and the bag is darling. Keep it up!

Harris Family said...

Hooray for crafting!!! Your purse is so cute. I've been wanting to do more sewing, but have had to shove all my crafting stuff in the closet for the summer while we had people come visit, and we went vacationing. Now that all of that is done it's time to pull it all out and get back on that horse. I want to see some of the baby blankets you have been making!!! I have yet to undertake the task of making a blanket or quilt. I'll have it done before the year is over...I just have to start.

Melissa and Louis said...

wow. That looks cool. congrat on your first project.