Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Christmas in Utah!

Annual Christmas photo at the Daynes' home

This past Christmas Michael and I were able to drive out to Utah with some of our friends here in LA since our parents both live in Provo. It was really nice to take the 11-hour drive and be able to sit back and relax the entire time (thanks Kael for driving) and we even made some great stops along the way at the outlet mall and a yummy Greek restaurant. Once we got to Utah we spent some really exciting days with both my family and Mike's. Our agenda included my family's annual Christmas Fondue Dinner, Christmas Eve at Michael's sister's home, some wonderful, but very sad visits with Michael father in the hospital, and breakfast at Joe's in Provo before we headed back home. Unfortunately, we didn't get many pictures, but we still have a wonderful Christmas Vacation, nonetheless.

My super-duper adorable niece, Emily.

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Ann said...

Great family shot! Just wish I could get a better look at your boots.