Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dying of Anticipation...

I don't know if anyone has noticed my countdown timer but as of now I have roughly 6 days until graduation but this is not exactly as great as it sounds. I still have to look forward to three papers to be finished, two of which are due on Friday, a final in My Discourse Communities class on Thursday (probably the most boring class I have ever taken in my college career) a final on John Milton's Paradise Lost, and another final on Italian that is comprehensive and spans all the way back to September of last year. I don't think I have ever dreaded and hoped for something so much in my entire life. Number 1 on my list of things to do this summer is enjoy a good ole meaningless summer novel that I can unabashedly devour by the pool.

Michael on the other hand has technically already graduated and is currently 'vacationing' in Mexico since his final day of work was last Friday. And I can't wait for him to come home this Thursday! The first thing on his list of things to do this summer? Mow the lawn.


Reid, Megan and Jackson said...

Yay! Congrats to you guys for graduating! Oh and I got your cute cards today! Thanks so much, I love them.

And make sure Mike brings you something nice from Mexico!

Tish said...

Does that mean you want to read The Other Boleyn Girl while we're in Europe? I own it and love it! Let me know if you want me to bring it for you.