Friday, October 30, 2009

Rude Neighbor...

Hello inconsiderate neighbor,

I come to you from the (un)comforts of my desk chair with a message. For the sake of those who share walls with you, please refrain from blaring your dance party music throughout the night. I know that your neighbors sleeping on a weeknight is obviously the least of your concerns right now, what, with the singing to Beyonce at the top of your lungs thinking your all booty-licious too, but some of us enjoy the wee small hour of 3:00am and all that R.E.M. sleep has to offer.

Signing off in the hopes that I can still salvage some of the remaining nighttime with my head sandwiched between two pillows for the small amount of muffling it affords me from the words of "Umbrella."

Your kind neighbor who does nothing but smile and open the door to your constant drunken knocking at midnight just to pet my cats, while I roll my eyes behind your back.


Amy said...

I am so sorry! That is the most annoying thing ever, people can me so inconsiderate! I hope they get evicted!!:)

the duffsters said...

hahaha.. OMG I am laughing so hard right now. Your "note" to the neighbors just cracks me up. I bought this funny book a while ago that is called
"Multiple Choice Correspondence" and it has over 30 different letters to people like "thank yous, termination, regrets, congratulations, COMPLAINTS"..etc. It is actually meant to be funny b/c the letter has a list of multiple choice sentences that you chose from to write the letter. Here is one you could use... The multiple choice selections I chose are in these...[...]

"Dear Beyonce,
I write to express my distress at your [indecent propensity for making noise]. I can no longer hold my tounge, as [I am about to go ballistic]. They say that "good fences make good neighbors" but so does [basic human decency]. Please do the right thing and [keep it down]. Perhaps someday you will [realize that other people live in this world with you].
Signed- Your neighbor with the cats"

Anyways, hopefully you sleep better tonight. :)

MB said...

Oh, I don't like neighbors like that! Bummer! Come live with us! :)

Reid, Megan and Jackson said...

that sucks man! Reid and I used to have these neighbors that would have crazy/loud/wild sex at three a.m. EVERY NIGHT (can you imagine the stamia?) anyway when Jack was a newborn I had finally had it and sent them a rude text message (she was my visiting teacher!!) needless to say it made for some awkward moments in the hall!

The Smith's Fridge Door said...

Lol! I love at the comments I've gotten about this! Thanks Megan and Heather! I was pretty annoyed since I couldn't fall asleep that night, hence the pretty mean post, but it was warranted. I got earplugs yesterday and was glad I did since I had to use them last night! More music blaring!

Noa and Tanya Tuitavuki said...

Dear Smith's,
Welcome to California!!