Friday, October 16, 2009

Cross Country Move/Road Trip: Part 4

Okay boys and girls, I think it's about time we wrapped this up, because honestly, I'm getting tired of posting about our move! :)

Michael and I stayed in Ogden with my sister Dee Ann and her family for a couple nights and we had a great time since some of my other family members came to visit including my sister Kristi, my two nieces Aubree and Jessica, and Jessica's husband Leard, as well as my brother Steve and his girlfriend Stacy. We had a fun night eating cupcakes and playing games. Dee Ann insisted on my putting on my glasses because I couldn't see the cards very well while we were playing. JK!
From there we went to my parent's house to stay with my best friend Martha (who happens to be house-sitting for my parent's while they are on their mission.) While in Bountiful I got to have a great girls dinner with some old high school girlfriends, Martha, Brooke, Heather, and Melinda, as well as get together at my fav sister-in-law Tish's house where Michael's mom was able to come as well.

After leaving Bountiful we stopped in Provo to have dinner with Steve and Stacy at Guru's (love that place!) and then we made the 4 hour drive down to Hurricane, Utah to stay and visit Zion National Park. It was absolutely beautiful. I had never been so Michael and I decided to hike the Narrows. It was AMAZING!! The Narrows are a skinny river-like part of Zion that cuts through these amazing cliffs.

You pretty much walk through the river the entire time and at one point you have to walk in water up to your waist.

It was so much fun and Michael and I had such an awesome time there, even though it wore us out pretty quickly, Michael even fell asleep on the tram back to the parking lot... :)

From Zion we drove the final few hours to Los Angeles our new home! This picture is of Michael's car somewhere in California! I still can't believe his car made it the entire way! Notice that it has no front bumper. That is the least of it's problems...
So, in all we drove a total of 2,917 miles through 14 states. It was an amazing trip and we had so much fun! Let's just hope that in 3 years when Michael is done with his Master's at UCLA we don't decide to move to Boston Massachusetts or something like that!!


Ryann said...

I'd love to live in Boston. You'll have to tell us after this LA experience if you prefer the West or East Coast after 2 years.

Reid, Megan and Jackson said...

looks like fun! I used to live in hurricane and went to zion all the time, I loved it! How did we miss you on your way through?

Harris Family said...

What a fun trip! I'm happy you did so much sight seeing on the way-what a great chance to do it! It looks like you had a lot of fun. So many stops helps break up those long days of driving.
I borrowed the book "The Road" from the library yesterday and can't wait to read it-thanks for the recommendation. I'll let you know what I think!

Steve and Stacy Harbie said...

That is quite the trip! Weird that you have a brother named Steve who is dating a girl named Stacy . . . they should get married. ;)

Tish said...

I. need. pictures. of the new place!