Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cross Country Move/Road Trip: Part 2

More from our Move! After leaving Devil's Tower, we had the opportunity to stay with some of our great friends the Muldowney's in Sheridan, Wyoming. We had such a wonderful time relaxing for a couple of nights with them playing games, eating their yummy cooking and hanging out with their two sons. They have an adorable family and one of their sons, Isaac, heard Michael call me honey when we first got to their home so for the remainder of our stay he called me "honey." That and uncle Jayna. He was so cute! Anne made some of the most amazing desserts, and while we were there we had a nice day of walking to the post office and spending time in the backyard while Michael took a painting lesson from Ryan at the college where he teaches. Here a couple of pictures from our stay. We didn't take many but thanks Ann for the ones you sent.

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Ryann said...

There are Isaac and Honey! We're so glad you drove out of your way to visit us. We really enjoyed spending time with you. Oh, and those pictures of Yellowstone are great. We'll definitely have to get there next year.