Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cross Country Move/Road Trip: Part 3

Ready for the next installment? Because I am!

After leaving the Muldowney's home in Sheridan, Wyoming we drove through Yellowstone National Park. It was beautiful and we wished we had more time to spend since there was so much to see and because it is such a large Park. In the few hours we managed to get up close and personal with a couple of different Bison, one was simply walking down the street next to us. Unfortunately, even though I got it on video, the computer isn't allowing me to upload it.

We also made it in time to see Old Faithful erupt, walk around some bubbling and boiling hot springs and wind our way around the Yellowstone lake on our drive. It was such a beautiful park and it was worth driving through on our way to Idaho Falls to stay with one of my sisters and her family.

Some of my favorite pictures are the ones I've posted. It was really pretty to see how Old Faithful would create its own rainbow from its spray and how high it could reach. Although Michael fell asleep on the bench waiting for it to erupt he still enjoyed it once it did.

Some of these last pictures were from the hot springs and how much steam the produced. We saw them pretty late in the day so we weren't able to see all of the beautiful colors that they produce in the water, but they were still beautiful and interesting all the same.

I though this poster was funny. They had it up all over the hot springs area. Notice the sister freaked out and the father walking away oblivious to the son/boy scout walking in the hot springs! It was pretty funny to me.

After leaving the park we drove a few hours to Idaho Falls to stay with my sister Sheri and her family. They took us out to dinner that night which was great because we were famished from all of our driving and sight-seeing that day. The following day we were supposed to drive down to Ogden, Utah to stay with my other sister Dee Ann and her family but we had little bit of a "cat disappearing act" that caused us a delay. Apparently, after I loaded up the car and put the two cats in, Sadie, the fluffy one, decided to hide under the driver's seat for about 3 hours. We thought she had jumped out of the car while I had the door open so after searching for her all over Sheri's yard I sat down in the driveway with the car in view and I see her pop up in the window. We only got to Dee Ann's house about 4 hours after we originally planned to! Sorry Dee Ann!

Well, I'm tired out from blogging. More in Part 4!


Dee Ann Carter said...

don't you love that picture of the little boy being burned and the adult walking away? Funny thing is that would totally be like our parents and us!

Melissa and Louis said...

You saw a lot of things on the way. That is cool.