Saturday, June 5, 2010

Talented Los Angeles

America's Got Talent aired this week and although I'm not typically a viewer of the program me and a couple of the girls who live in my building got tickets to the show when they filmed here in Los Angeles. The show took place at the Orpheum theater downtown back at the end of March and the show was really fun to watch and the theater was truly beautiful. I had a lot of fun and describe the show as a very entertaining talent show with some amazing performers mixed into the bunch. A couple of my favorites were a cute little mormon girl from BYU who plays the violin to pop music while dancing and this guy.

Like I said, it was a lot of fun to watch and I love taking advantage of such awesome shows. I now have on my list Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and America's Got Talent. And did I mention these shows are all for free? Now I just need to add some late night comedy shows such as Craig Ferguson (and Craig Kilborn!! Oh, how I've missed you) to my list. Oh, and it won't be complete until I've attended So You Think You Can Dance. I love living in L.A.

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Reid, Megan and Jackson said...

that was awesome!!

SO if we move to L.A. you have to take me with you, oh and find me a babysitter :)