Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ode to a Novel...

I absolutely LOVE to read and I am so thankful that I met and married someone who also has a love for books, as I do. Not only do I love to read, but I often read a couple of books at a time as well as listen to a book on CD in my car to make my 30 minute commute to and from work much more enjoyable.

Because it is officially summer and recommendations abound, I thought I would throw my two cents into the ring and offer up some of my favorite books for the reading pleasure of others. These are the top TEN books I have read this past year, but by no means are these my favorite books of all time, because that would be a whole different post. Let me know if any of you have read these titles and also what you thought of them. Thanks!

#10 Atonement - I especially recommend this novel if you have NEVER seen the movie.

#9 Year of Wonders

#8 Catching Fire - 2nd novel in the Hunger Games trilogy

#7 Life of Pi
#6 The Time-Traveler's Wife

#5 Hunger Games - such a page-turner, I think I read this book and it's second in the series in 3 days

# 4 Charlie and The Chocolate Factory - Oh, how I love Roald Dahl!

#3 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

#2 The Road - another page-turner! So incredibly well-written and I can't wait to read other books by Cormac McCarthy

#1 To Kill a Mockingbird*

By the way, I highly recommend the website I love keeping up with all the books that I read on it as well as keeping track of those that I want to read in the future. It has great features and allows you to add your virtual bookshelf to your blog as well as "friend" others on the site to keep up with great book recommendations. If you join, you will have to "friend" me on it. Happy Reading!

*Definitely now one of my favorite books of all-time


Ryann said...

I love to read too, but I have not been making the time. Your post has remotivated me to put it higher on my priority list. I also really enjoyed reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Life of Pie", crazy ending on that one though. I want to read "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". I've read other Roald Dahl books and loved them. I wonder why haven't read this one yet.

Kim said...

thanks Jayna! I was just asking my little sister what in the world I should read! I really want to start reading and I feel overwhelmed by all of my choices, so I appreciate a list from a trusted source:)
And PS: I LOVE your blog background!

Kim said...

PS: have you read Three Cups of Tea? It is REALLY good! Judging by your list, I think you would like it:)

Lynze said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I can't wait to check out "How to Kill a Mockingbird". I've never read that but always wanted to.