Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beach, Bonfires and S'mores!

Yeah for the beach! I have really had a great summer and now that it is winding down I am trying to fill it with as many activities as possible before I have to start teaching in about 3 weeks. One great summer activity Michael and I were recently able to attend was a bonfire headed up by our good friends the Robinson's.

Thanks so much, Austin for snagging the fire-pit at 11:30 on a Saturday so that we could all show up at 6pm to roast hotdogs and s'mores!
Everyone standing around waiting to roast some hotdogs!
Michael showing off some mad skills for the Kimballs
What an awesome group of people! I really love our LA friends!

It was really a fun time and there were lots of friends in attendance. I can't wait to enjoy another bonfire, and hopefully we can squeeze one in again soon! Next up, Yosemite this coming weekend!


Dee Ann Carter said...

you think mike was showing off you looked like you were about to spike it like Gaylord Focker.

Reid, Megan and Jackson said...

How fun!! Don't you just love the beach life!