Friday, August 6, 2010

Last night Michael and I, plus a few couples from our ward were able to take advantage of Mormon night at the Dodgers Stadium. Yes, they really had this... unfortunately the Dodger's lost 0-5 to the Padres but we still had fun, nonetheless. Here are a few great shots at Dodger Stadium.
Michael and me, enjoying the game! Thanks Cassie, for the great Dodger's T-Shirt!
Just a few of us girls! Kylie, Keylee, Rachel, me, Cheryl and Hope.

I just had to add this video too, as you can see, Michael was REALLY enjoying the game.


Ryann said...

Hope you recovered from your dancing headache, Mike. Nice moves! My dad wants to go to a game when he goes to Cali over Labor Day weekend. Hope they improve their game by then.

Cheryl said...

Hey--I found your blog! Nice pictures of the Dodger's game. . .wish I had some J/k. Thanks for being our photographer. I love the picture of the temple at night in the next post too!