Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bored on a Sunday Afternoon

After taking my three hour Sunday nap today, I found myself very bored. I uploaded all my pictures onto Shutterfly that had not previously been added, I checked my grades and fall schedule on the University of Cincinnati website, I checked our bank accounts and I even went back on to Shutterfly and made a Calender that I am sure I will never need or buy. After a couple of hours I found myself on the Crayola website. Don't ask me how I got there, but for anyone interested (which I am very sure you are...) I was able to name 41 of the 64 colors in a Crayola Crayon box correctly on my first try. Oh, to be a child again coloring the pages of a Strawberry Shortcake coloring book with my Macaroni and Cheese crayon in one hand and a Blue Violet in the other.

Maybe next Sunday when I am bored I will find something more profitable to do with my time such as perusing the Business Section of the New York Times, but I am sure I will end up finding myself at 10pm on Ebaum's World or checking up on my fall semester lecturers on