Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nine Things That Bug Me...

I apologize beforehand to those who I tag...

1. Having a messy house but not having the time to clean it!
2. Studying my Italian homework for hours and still not getting Passato Prossimo (Past Tense) correct!
3. Writing pointless papers for English Literature classes.
4. Not having a decent computer to use at home when Michael takes his to school.
5. Not getting to see my family as often as I want to. I wish I lived closer to my brothers and sisters.
6. Sitting down with a yummy snack to watch a favorite TV show and finding out a minute into it that it is a rerun!
7. Stupid Cincinnati drivers who don't know how to drive in the snow and freak out when it snows 3 inches.
8. Not having the money to buy that hot pair of Hudson Jeans I want... :(
9. That my husband is going to leave me for another 3 month internship while I stay here by myself in Cincinnati. But at least it will be my final quarter before I graduate!! (Have you noticed I am excited about finally graduating?!?!)

I tag...



Lynze Loves... said...

I've needed to get some things off my chest, so thanks for tagging me :) No, seriously though, I also hate having a messy house and a crappy computer. Good call! You should check out Nordstrom Rack or Gilt Group for cheap designer jeans. I can send you an invite to Gilt group if you want!!

The Smith's Fridge Door said...

That would be awesome Lynze! Thanks!

Michaela said...

Um...what do u do when you get tagged? I'm just wondering in case one of my friends tag me....