Friday, February 13, 2009

Tornado at Target

So, for all of you who have been here in the Ohio area know about the last few windstorms we have had and for those who haven't here is a little story for you...

I decided to make a return after work to Target up in Mason about 30 minutes north of my house around 6pm on Wednesday. The news had predicted that we'd be getting some pretty heavy winds in the 60-70 MPH range, not nearly as bad as the post Hurricane Ike winds we had back in Sept that knocked out or power for 4 days, but as I walked into Target I was just about blown over from the heavy winds.

I made my way to the counter returned my item and then all @#*& broke loose. First all of the front doors of the store blew open, next this blasting alarm proceeded to go off and the ceiling tiles above the doors started falling and this lady starting yelling, "IS IT A TORNADO?!?! IS THERE A BASEMENT WE CAN RUN TO!?!?"

So, of course we all ran to the front of the store to see if there was a tornado and as soon as we did the wind stopped, the doors shut on their own and the lady and the alarm stopped screaming. Come to find out, it was just a huge gust of wind and at the same moment one of the security doors that still had an alarm on it was blasted open and that was what made the alarm go off. We all had to take some deep breaths to calm ourselves, and I was so happy I wasn't the lady that was yelling about finding shelter once we knew we were all alright.

Needless to say, the wind did cause some damage to my neigborhood, a tree around the corner fell on a car but not before pulling down all of the powerlines with it leaving me without power from exacly 8pm to 10pm making me miss American Idol... :(
Oh, how wonderful the weather is here in Cincinnati!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad your alive to see Mike's birthday Sunday. Happy Birthday Mike. I'll give a revengeful kiss for you to Tish on her birthday. WE're even having a party for you at mom's. Too bad you can't be there. I still need to send your Christmas card if I had your address. Maybe next year.

Reid, Megan and Jackson said...

crazy!! That's almost worst than our crappy winters!

Amy said...

Jayna, that is so crazy! I thought my house was going to blow down the other day.

Michaela said...

WOW! It had rained a lot and thundered so we thought I guess there's still mutual. Nope, It got canceled we weren't sure why the storm had stopped. And then around 6:30-7 the power went out! And didn't come on until 9-9:15 but we were glad the power wasn't out for longer!