Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Forbidden City

Michael and I never really got the chance to visit the Forbidden City until my parents came into town. It was amazing, but unfortunately the weather was not in our favor. It would have been even more impressive I'm sure if it had also been a beautiful day outside. The Forbidden City was actually forbidden to anyone outside of the royal family and his servants. It is unbelievable how HUGE the forbidden city was!! We walked the entire length of it from south to north and wondered if it would ever end!

My parents inside of one of the squares. There were about 5 total.
Michael and I at the entrance.
Just outside Qianmen Gate.
Another one of the huge Forbidden City Squares.
At the North Entrance to the Forbidden City, where we exited from, had an amazing Chinese garden and was really neat to see. It was packed, so we could hardly get a good picture, though...

I'm so glad I got to finally see the inside of the Forbidden City since I had passed it atleast 10 times while living in Beijing. :)

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