Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tired and Worn OUT!!!

I have decided to fast-track my college education so that I can graduate from the University of Cincinnati with an English Literature Degree by next Spring. I am very excited about this because it means that Michael, who graduates with his Architecture Degree next spring, and I can actually walk together for Graduation. This is my motivation. The only problem is that it means I will be taking between 17 and 20 credit hours for at least 2 quarters next year and I am already wearing myself out! I've gotten pretty sick this past week with the flu and my voice is nothing more than a whisper! Not fun when you have to speak up in English classes and share how you feel about readings! Anyway, with going to school, working two jobs, packing up and cleaning my house, looking for a new apartment to move into, and trying to find time to spend with MIchael, I have met my limit. Thank goodness it is Friday and I can rest, at least until I have to write my next paper due Monday.


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