Monday, September 8, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

So, I've been tagged by my sister and this was so exciting because I haven't been tagged since I went to Gilchrist Elementary School. So here it is... a short list of all things Jayna.

* 3 Joys *

1. Spending time by the ocean, smelling the salty air and getting sand suck between my toes.
2. Staying up late with a good book.
3. Eating dinner with my husband.

*3 Fears*

1. Not planning ahead and learning the hard way.
2. That UC will deny my transfer credits and I won't be able to graduate in the Spring.
3. That our house won't sell before we have to leave for Grad School.

*3 Goals*

1. Run in a Marathon. (too bad I don't run at all!)
2. Become an amazing cook.
3. Have a loving, energetic, and amazingly fun family someday.

* 3 current obsessions/collections*

1. I am still obsessed with Designer Jeans.
2. Classic Literature.
3. Learning to eat well and take a multi-vitamin.

*3 random surprising facts about me*

1. I have a heart-shaped birthmark.
2. I love lime popsicles.
3. I am a nanny of three boys ages 8,9 and 11. I have been their nanny for 3 years and counting... and counting... and counting... :)

So, this is everything you ever wanted to know about me! I am now going to tag a couple of people I would like to know a little more about and they are Amy Cottrell and Nici Tucker!! So, have fun ladies!!


The Tucker Family said...

Hey friend, I saw your tag and posted on my blog... I might not leave it up forever, so you better learn more about me quickly! ;) PS luv the oldies pics, MIke looks especially fabulous

Aubree said...