Sunday, October 5, 2008

Big B's B-Day Party

A few weeks ago my friend Jennie gave a surprise party for her husband Britton. We had such a great time in the Mansion at their apartment complex playing pool, ping-pong and taking pictures. All of us girls tried a few times (okay, maybe 9 or 10) to get a good picture and here are our attempts in order. We tried to use the automatic button but just couldn't get it right!! Needless to say, we had a lot of fun trying to strike a perfect pose. I think we may have gotten one or two decent pics out of it!


The Tucker Family said...

Wow, you girls are lookin' fabulous! Looks like good times. So, just thinkin' of you and wanted to say hi. I'll try to call you soon... oh, check our blog soon too, I'm going to try to do a Bellapalooza (catch up) :) luvs!

Misty said...

You ladies are soooo cute! I miss you all!

Chellers said...

What hot babes! I miss you Cincy girls. Looks like a rockin' party!