Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fun with Helium

Michael has met some really great students while at UC and some of them have been very entertaining... such as our new friends Axel, Louisa, Alex and Caroline from Europe.

****Just a note, we do not condone the inhalation of Helium :) ****

A couple of weeks ago we had them over for dinner and while one of my old birthday balloons was floating around the ceiling, Axel mentioned that he had seen people using helium in movies and didn't know what it did... so of course we dared him to try it! They said they don't have helium inflated balloons in Europe and they had never played with them before! Go figure!

This is actual footage of our friend Axel from Belgium and Louisa from France having fun with a helium balloon! Too funny to not add!! BTW I love how she says "Bonjour"! Too Cute!


Axel Clissen said...

Hahaha, great movie Jayna! Extremely funny!! Thanks again, we had a blast!

mistyb said...

You guys looked like you had so much fun!
Jordan got really sad and said, "I miss those guys! They are so great!" And, I assured him, you CAN'T be having fun without us! :)

Ryann said...

So jealous you have French friends. They're pretty lacking here in Wyoming, and I'm dying to have adult French conversation!