Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Much Belated Update! ( A.K.A. The Bike)

Okay, this post is about 8 months late, but I wanted to put up the pictures from my 29th Birthday and the AWESOME gift that Michael got for me!! Referring back to THIS POST, you may recall my wanting a new bike to ride around LA. Well, here it is! These pics are from my birthday party back in September, and although I don't ride my bike as much as I wish I would, I LOVE it!
Sporting my new bike!!
All the girls - me, Heather, Rachel, Sarah, Hope and Annie! Love these girls!!
Somehow, all the guys managed to guys managed to stay out of all the pictures...
I also recently got the other birthday gift that I wanted from THIS POST. A new pair of TOMS shoes, and they are soooo comfortable and what's even better, I can wear them at work to teach in! These were from my mom and I LOVE them almost as much as my bike.

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Mike Alexis & Grayson said...

I havne't been keeping up in the blog world very well but I just read that you guys are moving to China for the summer! How exciting! What a fun adventure for you guys! Can't wait to see pictures of all these adventures!