Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer Plan...

I've looked back over my blog and it struck me that I've hardly posted more than couple posts over the past 8 months or so! I am so disappointed with myself mainly because my blogs are my outlet as well as my way of journaling the most interesting events in our life, but I'm also disappointed that it has become apparent that my teaching job has completely dominated my life!! How upsetting this realization is to me!

But the bright side to this rant is that I actually have something pretty worthwhile and important to blog about in the hopes that it will also kick my butt back into the blogging world.

Well, here's the big news (no we're not pregnant...) we're moving to BEIJING, CHINA for the SUMMER!! YIPEEEEE!!!!

The facts are that Michael has the summer off before his last year at UCLA in Architecture Grad School and it is really important for him to work this summer at a really great firm that will not only look good on his resume, but also help him in his efforts to find a great job after graduation. Originally, Michael was thinking about going on his own, but then he presented me with the idea to go with him and there really wasn't a way that we could deny this amazing opportunity!! I mean, come on, really!?! Say no to a summer in China!?

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of things that I am worried about, such as the complete culture shock, a completely new country, food, language, way of living and not to mention the fact that Michael will be working and I will have to find ways to fill my days, but I am so excited for this life-changing event!

I can't even express how overwhelmed, excited, nervous, scared, curious, happy I am about this decision that we've made but I know that it is the right decision and that we will have a wonderful time even though I am sure there will be some pretty interesting things to blog about here.

Thanks for listening to my rant and if you have any advice, words of encouragement or anything else that may help, I would LOVE to hear it!!

Coming soon - A recap of all the great things that have been going on here in LA for us since last September or so. See, I told you I was really behind in my posting!!! :)

Just a few pics of the sights that I am really excited to see:
The Watercube and the Bird's Nest built for the 2008 Olympics

The beautiful gardens as well as the Forbidden City

The Great Wall of China


Lynze said...

What? That's awesome. I'm so excited for you!!

Katie said...

I am so jealous! That will be so cool. I can't wait to read and hear all about your experiences!! Good for you guys!

Ann said...

That is going to be life changing experience. Milk it!

Reid, Megan, Jackson and Aiva said...

That is awesome news!! Congrats! when do you leave?

I think I wrote this on your Facebook but you should talk to Reid's sis, Melanie, she could give you some advice about traveling to China.

Annette said...

You should get in touch with Sister Austin. Her brother and his family lived in China for many years. FB me if you need her phone number. Have a great time.

Steve and Stacy Harbie said...

Wow, that is amazing! I am super jealous!