Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Name that Product...

So here is a little game I would like to call "Name That Product!" (cue cheesy game show tune...) IT is actually really exciting to see American products here! Unfortunately, they do not always taste the same as they did in the states, for example, I had no idea that the Cheeto's I had bought were Liver and Onion flavor until after I ate my first cheeto... :(

What I would like to do is post some American products that are sold here in China and see if anyone can guess what they actually are. Some are MUCH easier than others. So, for my first installment of Name That Product" I would like to post what Mike and I ate for breakfast this morning. Good luck!

P.S. These are the backs of two separate boxes. The fronts were just way too easy! :)


Aubry T Jensen said...

The bottom looks like multigrain cheerios and the top...looks weird. ha. im guessing berry kix for the top. how did i do?

The Smith's Fridge Door said...

LOL! Awesome Aubry! They are Cheerios and Trix. :)