Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up In Pictures

So, I mentioned before that I wanted to keep a record of our trip in pictures that I would take daily. I thought it would be an interesting idea to take a picture of SOMETHING everyday and I definitely have not run out of fun and amazing things to take pictures of. It has been a pretty fun project so far and I can't wait to continue with this.

My super simple rules are:
1. At least 1 picture everyday
2. It has to be something that I probably wouldn't normally see back in the states.

So, here is my first Weekly Wrap-up in Pictures. P.S. I can't believe I have already been here for an entire week!!!

Saturday -
Our hotel, the Beijing Hutong Furon Hotel. Notice the girl in the bottom left corner wearing her influenza mask. This is pretty common here. Also note how grey the sky is in ALL of the pictures. The smog is terrible here. It really is a rare sight to see the sun on a blue sky day. I haven't even seen one yet.
Sunday -
a typical Hutong in Beijing. These are alleys with entrances to courtyard houses. Unfortunately, they are so old and rundown that most of them are literally falling apart. This hutong was right around the corner from our hotel room.
Monday -
Just a random goose walking around in front of a restaurant. I assumed that they we advertising that's evenings dinner course...
Tuesday -
Market window promoting their American soft drink choices. Which by the way, only cost about 40cents each.
Wednesday -
Lunch, including my Liver and Onion Cheetos, Strawberry milk that had weird little yogurt bits in it and chocolate cookies that tasted like fish. YUCK!!
Thursday -
The Apple Store at the Village Mall. Once again, notice the smog. This was taken at about 2:30 in the afternoon.Friday -
Michael enjoying some really delicious churros with ice cream and chocolate syrup
Well, hope you are starting to sense what life is like for us here. :)


Karen said...

How fun to see your pictures. Makes me "homesick" to say the least. If you end up taking pictures of things you won't see in the US, I bet you will see more than one a day!! I hope you will be able to see more of China while you are there...Beijing is too Americanized. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy what a wonderful opportunity you guys have!

Harris Family said...

You're in China! How fun and exciting! Hope you are having a blast!

Annie said...

Jayna, we miss you here! Go eat some yummy Asian candy for me :)