Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up In Pictures: Week 2

Okay people, I am a little behind here because of some camera issues, but I'm back on track! Week 2 in Beijing consisted of some really great shots! I hope you enjoy! Week 3 and 4 to follow VERY soon!

Monday - Yummy rose/mango tea overlooking the Hutongs

Tuesday - Another "great" smog shot. This was definitely one of the worst smog days here so far.
Wednesday - Ghost Street and all the pretty lanterns. Such a great place for dinner!
Thursday - Koi pond. So many cute little fishies

Friday - Turtles at the market... No, these are not meant to be bought as pets :( The poor little one on the bottom looks like he is pleading with me!
Saturday - This is a common sight. Lots of Chinese men and even women set up game tables and play all night long.
Sunday - Yummy Dinner!! Finally!! It has taken us quite awhile to find great food that we love here. These little buns are A-mazing.

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