Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tokyo, BABY!

Japanese Sunrise from the airplane
Arriving in Tokyo with all my bags in tow...

After booking my flight to Beijing at a GREAT rate, I quickly noticed that there was a little hiccup in my smooth travels to China... a 15 hour layover in Tokyo with a change of airports! Yes, I said AIRPORTS! Apparently, this is pretty common but learning that I had to find my own way across the city of Tokyo on my own was not the most exciting news. Luckily, I discovered that a friend of mine that I had grown up with in Florida now lives in Tokyo! Isn't that amazing!

Cristina was wonderful and met me bright and early on Friday morning at the airport at 6am. (She had to leave her apartment at 4am to get there in time for my arrival.) We had a really fun time getting lost on the subway, eating ice cream out of a vending machine, walking around the Harajuku fashion district and visiting different gardens, temples and markets.

Gate to the Meiji Shrine

Barrels of Sake at the Meiji Shrine

Harajuku district of Tokyo - very interesting clothing here...


Asakusa Temple and it's surrounding market

I made it through Tokyo in a day, but sadly my backpack didn't. All around my 15 hours in Tokyo were great! Thanks so much Cristina for being so awesome!

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